Journeys 2
A Robertson Marshall Anthology,
Portraits and Memoires of growing up in Sri Lanka in the 1900s

 Journeys 2 is a limited edition Family Anthology of personal profiles and the written memories of my two large British /SriLankan Burgher clans: both railway families, growing up in Sri Lanka in the 1900s.

My Father's side: The Robertsons of Colombo and my Mother's side: the Marshalls of Kandy were joined twice in marriage. They all experienced the best and the worst of the century from kerosene oil lamps, drought, monsoons, malaria, typhoid, hunting with rifles in the jungles and food dispatches to remote railway outposts, silent movies, WW2, Sri Lanka's independence from Britain and both clans eventual migration and settlement in Australia.

With 230 pages of recollections and lineage dating back seven generations, Journeys 2 (updated in 2018) is a treasure of Sri Lankan Burgher history.

By choice, this book was compiled for the sole purpose of sharing and keeping alive for future generations, poignant memories of happy and challenging times that could be lost forever. This book is a celebration, a salute to the courage and strength of character of the people profiled and to the beautiful country they grew up in.

My objective was not a historical study, but a memorable account of the romance, adventures, and personalities of my four grandparents, and sixteen uncles and aunts, and my 50 cousins, so that we might look back with more understanding and appreciation of whom they were, and what they lived through. 
And so our lineage continues.
I hope you enjoy these memories..

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This book is NECESSARY!'s a testament to our family heritage. It refreshes the memories and the knowledge has given me so much insight into the wonderful lives of our family members. I am 5th generation and my daughter Emily (6th generation) grabbed the book last night and asked "Mumma can I read this please?!!".  We have the opportunity to read it together and share special reflections. This book is for our generation and the generations to come. What a wonderful gift. Juliette, hats off!! .. to you and the countless efforts of family members who have made it possible by sharing their stories. THANKYOU!
Nicole Sun (Weniton Marshall) Victoria. ( 5th Gen)

Hi Juliette, Love what you are doing.  Love your book too, (borrowed from Veronica) and I am halfway through it. You certainly are brave.  I will be sending a copy to Daniel, my 25-year-old ( 6th Gen) who is now in London and has the travelling bug.
David Robertson (5th Gen)

Juliette - The book is fabulous! Here we are, generations 4,5,6 & 7 showing Lucy her name in Journeys 2 !!
Gail Haines (Robertson) (5th Gen)