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  1. How to Create a Family or Group Anthology
    What: Exploratory phone chat
    When: By Appointment - Fridays only
    Families have unique histories that can easily be lost if someone doesn't take the time to capture them. It may seem like an arduous task, but there are ways to shortcut the process and still capture the essence and history of your extended family's past. 30 minute complimentary PLANNING session,.
  2. Awesome You: From Dreams to Action!
    What: Exploratory phone chat
    When: By Appointment -Fridays only
    Many women have dreams of travel but don't due to many requirements that they place on themselves. Let's talk about your Mindset and what we can do to help you address and overcome those doubts so that you can take the first steps toward envisioning and planning your dream adventure. 30 minute complimentary ACTION session.
  3. How to Create your Memoir
    Where: Exploratory phone chat
    When: By Appointment - Fridays only
    Have you lived a rich and fulfilling life? Perhaps you have survived great adversity or pain. No doubt there are things in your life that you'd like to remember or pass on to others. There are lessons learnt. Let me share with you the process I went through in writing "One Spanish Summer" - the highs and the lows. 30 minute complimentary MEMOIR session,
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