Juliette Robertson
I was born in the beautiful lush-green hill town of Kandy Sri Lanka, to parents who belong to two very large Burgher Clans: The Robertson’s and the Marshalls.
Both are of mixed British, Australian and Sri Lankan heritage.  Their stories of growing up in Sri Lanka in the 1900's inspired me to compile the non-fiction anthology:  "Journeys" which was updated in 2017.  

   We sailed to Australia in the 1960's and I grew up, a 70's child in a happy home near the sea in Adelaide Australia, a carefree time of fun, flares, friends and family.

  It was during my 20's and 30's as a corporate manager that I was fortunate to travel the globe to over 50 countries on short and long adventures. These were times of backpacking, trucking, skiing, scuba diving, high altitude mountain trekking, bareboat yachting and exploring who I was and what I could be. It was a crazy time, captured in my memoir:
"One Spanish Summer - and other Stores from the Road" 

And with marriage and children the adventure continues.
My husband Guy and I live, on Scotland Island, in Pittwater, Sydney Australia with our children; Jordon and Lauren and our spoodle Bethany. Our island is home to a diverse group of interesting people. It is a "water access only" environment, where the only way to get home is by boat.

The seasons, water, tides, wind and moonlight, boats, ferries and car parking are the constant fairies and gremlins in our day to day world. 
"Water Access Only - Tales and Images from Pittwater"
was compiled in celebration of our community and all we share.

Now in my 50's, I continue to write and love, and dream. I coach business leaders and new managers and aspiring travellers. Authenticity, substance, love, joy, patience, acceptance and laughter and music are what I strive for...
It is these things in life, and our stories that make it so very worthwhile.

I hope you enjoy these tales
"Embrace your past, then grasp your future with grateful hands"