Let's share the joyful, poignant, challenging and uplifting, travels of our lives. 

Juliette Robetson: Author & Women's Mentor

   Passport, VISA, Smart Phone - Let's Go!
We are made to live awesome
exciting lives
You know that! Let's do it.

We are much bigger on the inside than we think. So when your dreams call, but no-one is free to accompany you, why not take a chance, step through and go solo? 

Whatever you call her, "Travelling Solo" or your "True Self",
TS is Divine, funny, challenging and always present. She is the hero in you and I that we wish to be.

I've had the privilege of travelling to around 50 countries - backpacking, climbing, diving, trucking, skiing, sailing, exploring with friends and on my own. We are all travelling solo in life but we are never really alone for TS,  our intuitive True Self, is inside us all, whispering in our ears and stirring our hearts. And although we don't often expect it, incredible kindness, help and generosity await us on the road. 

TS has thrown me into countless unexpected, delightful and sometimes dangerous situations that tested my humour and my resolve...
  • Flying alone into Delhi airport (India) at 2am aged 22 not knowing anyone and with no accommodation booked... just to see if I could handle it.. vomiting in the airport from stress but I met others and we banned together, shared a taxi and drove quietly through dark sleeping streets full of anticipation until we found beds for the night  - strangers helping strangers. Help is everywhere.


I have learned that the more I relax when confronted with challenges, the more opportunities, help and guidance appear. People are kind. We are all connected on this journey. We can transcend the mundane and make our daily lives into the amazing adventures that we desire.

It is far more challenging with families I know! I still have to remind myself to slow down and breathe and look for the opportunities each day. Juggling motherhood, business, family and friends are all experiences on the path, even if you do have to stamp your foot every so often to break out and find the adventure.

So embrace each morning.  Smile at the dawn whatever she brings. Stay flexible. Take time. Follow the gentle nudges of your spirit. Listen to and coax each other. Speak your truth kindly. Talk to strangers. Eat strange food. Dance and step courageously and deliberately into the unknown with a smile in your heart. 

An Invitation...

If you have stepped through your comfort zone to a new level of travel, courage or fun - done something that you didn't think you could but did it anyway and you felt the power of TS in your life, share it with us on Facebook @TSbreakthroughs, or click the facebook or twitter logos below to add your comments.

Share your story. I'd love to hear from you.


Mt. Aconcagua, Chile

Mt Kasbek Georgia

​Mt Elbrus

Kandy Lake
​ Sri Lanka